Stephen Ministry Q & A

November 5, 2019 | Ted Harvey

We all love to be in control of our lives, having the power to choose exactly what is going to happen and when.  Unfortunately, life isn’t like that-we only think we are in control. When something happens and we realize we’re not in control, we feel lost, overwhelmed, angry, even terrified.  Stephen Ministers are trained help when our lives are out of control.  They provide support and encouragement while helping a person put faith and trust in God.  This week we wrap up our topic on specific questions regarding Stephen Ministry. 

Who Benefits from Stephen Ministry?  Those receiving care from Stephen Ministers benefit because they receive prayer and support throughout the crisis they face.  Stephen Ministers benefit through the spiritual growth they experience from being involved in meaningful ministry.  Our Pastor benefits because caring ministry at SHBC is expanded, and fewer people will slip through the cracks.  Most of all you benefit from the knowledge that special care is available to you should you need it.  In addition, you now have a place where you can refer a friend, neighbor, coworker, relative, or anyone else you know who is going through a difficult time. You’ll find comfort knowing that they can receive special care when they need it most.  Stephen Ministry makes SHBC a much more caring place!

Who are Stephen Ministers?  Stephen Ministers are members of SHBC who will have gone through 50 hours of training to provide high quality Christian care to individuals experiencing a crisis or challenge such as divorce, grief, loss of job, hospitalization, relocation or loneliness.  Stephen Ministers are each assigned a care receiver and meet with that care receiver for about an hour each week.  This caring relationship will last for as long as the care receiver needs it. 

How does Stephen Ministry Work?  When someone requests a Stephen Minister, our Stephen Ministry Referrals Coordinator will meet with that person, explain what Stephen Ministry is and help determine whether Stephen Ministry is the kind of care that person needs.  The Referrals Coordinator than matches that person with one of our available Stephen Ministers.  The Stephen Minister will then call that person and begin meeting with him or her for about an hour each week for as long as the need is there.  Everything a care receiver says to his or her Stephen Minister is kept confidential.  The Stephen Minister doesn’t try to solve problems; rather, he or she listens, cares, prays, and helps the care receiver find his or her path to healing and wholeness.

For those who are prayerfully considering becoming a Stephen Minister, please have your applications in by November 17,2019.  If you have interest in becoming a Stephen Leader, please see Pastor Ted or Rey Green.


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