Pastor Ted's Letter of Resignation

May 2, 2023 | Pastor Ted

Dear Church Family,

As you may know, the past two years have seen some significant life issues for me and my family.

  • My stroke in 2021
  • Margaret retiring a year ago
  • Dallas and Martha moving to Texas last August … and stealing/taking our Eloise and Bo with them
  • The passing of my sister in early January, my mother’s suffering from an unknown illness and Margaret’s sister diagnosis of an incurable cancer.

These would be life-changing occurrences in anyone’s life. They certainly have been for my family. As we went through Experiencing God in our Grow Group, we sensed that God was speaking to us through these circumstances.

We began to pray and the Lord laid it upon mine and Margaret’s hearts, independently of one another but at the same time, that we should move back to Texas to spend quality time with our families and to be available to help them when needed. Since that time in February, the Lord has confirmed our decision in many ways, even though when the new year began, we had no thoughts of retiring any time soon.

And so, after 24+ years of pastoring here at Somerset Hills Baptist Church, I am retiring from full-time ministry.

It has been a joy, honor and privilege to serve alongside of you and so many others who have moved away over the years. You helped Margaret and me raise our children in this church.  They were 9 and 4 when we first came here.  You loved, taught, prayed for, encouraged and admonished them as they grew into adults.  They still love the Lord and walk with and continue to serve him.  What a blessing, and we thank you for the love you have shown us through the years.

My last Sunday in the pulpit will be June 25th, but my last day in the office will be Friday, June 30th with Vacation Bible School.  Then we will move sometime in July.

Over the next two months I will still be your pastor. So if you want me to baptize you or counsel you, you have 60 days.

Seriously, God already has in mind your next pastor. God is preparing him for Somerset Hills.  Begin now praying for him and his family.  And pray for us as we make this transition.  And pray for our church as I will be praying for our church.  Pray that God will draw our church body close together and help us to continually love and care for one another.   That’s the kind of church I have pastored for 24 years and that’s the kind of church God desires for your new pastor.

In Christ's Love,

Pastor Ted


Sunday Worship: 10:30 AM

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