Jesus the Great I Am

February 18, 2020 | Ted Harvey

In the early morning glow, the exhausted disciples see a form coming across the water. His clothes and hair are being blown about by the strong wind. They watch in terror, long enough to see Him come alongside and begin to pass by them in the direction they are so hopelessly rowing. They’re thinking only one thing walks or floats on the water in the middle of the night: a ghost.

After Jesus calmed the storm in the first story in Mark 4, we are told the disciples were "terrified" by his power.  Before, they were afraid because they saw a glimpse of who Jesus really was. Now they are terrified by not knowing it is Jesus. Sensing their fear, He cries out, "Take courage! It is I. Don't be afraid" (Mk 6:50). His words are literally "I am; no fear!"

When Moses asked to know God's name, the response was "I AM who I AM" (Ex 3:13). If God has a name, it is "I AM." He tells Moses in the same breath, "This is My name forever" (Ex 3:15).

Standing on the waves amidst the blowing of the wind, Jesus identifies Himself by that same name.  In John 10:30, Jesus says, “I and the Father are one.”

As Jesus identifies Himself and comes closer, I have to believe that the disciples are immediately comforted and begin to find their courage. Jesus reaches up and grabs the gunwales, and the disciples help Him into the boat. The exhausting wind dies down. And they immediately find themselves at the shoreline.

Friends, Jesus is the great “I AM”, not only for the disciples, but our Lord introduces Himself to you and me in just the same way. Are there any waters too rough or waves too high in your life that Jesus cannot step up and over? Listen to Him calling out to you today, “Have courage! It is I. Fear not.” And then welcome Him in!


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