COVID-19 Tips for Online Worship at Home

March 27, 2020 | Pastor Ted

Here are some COVID-19 tips for in-home worship!

  1. Be a participator, not just a spectator!
  2. Gather in one room with your family.
  3. Remove distractions like other phones, TVs, extra music, etc.
  4. ”Pregame” the service with a time of prayer and Bible study by yourself or with your spouse/family members.
  5. Have your Bible ready for the sermon.
  6. Make sure your device is charged and ready to watch!
  7. Use the restroom...BEFORE the service!
  8. Find a comfy spot to watch in your home where you can actively engage!
  9. Bring your coffee to church!
  10. Bring all the pets, too!
  11. If you're watching from a device or TV, make sure the volume is up!
  12. When the service begins, share the live stream link to your own personal Facebook page.
  13. Comment on the live stream to say hello and encourage others!
  14. Try to connect your phone to airplay on your TV to watch.
  15. Sing out during worship!
  16. Take notes at home for further study.
  17. Make sure to reach out to Pastor Ted if there’s any way we can pray for you!
  18. Consider how God is calling you to give online this week!
  19. Make sure to wear your best suit and tie... just kidding... pjs are totally welcome!


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